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Terms & Conditions

Self-Catering Functions


i) The Decorium operates a 'Telephone Call Logging System', whereby calls may be recorded or monitored for Training and Quality purposes..

ii) Following initial discussions, a Provisional Reservation (if requested) can be held on the Calendar for 7 days in the first instance. There is no payment due or payable for a Provisional Reservation. If no further approach is received from the Client regarding the Provisional Reservation, it shall be assumed that the Client does not wish to pursue with the Provisional Reservation, at which point the Provisional Reservation will be removed from the Calendar

iii) In the event of the Client wishing to proceed from a Provisional Reservation to a Provisional Booking. A Contract will be issued with details of the Provisional Booking, together with the Payment Details , copy of these Terms & Conditions and any other relevant documents The Contract must be signed dated and returned with the required Non- Refundable Deposit (this must be by Bankers Draft only) , in order to confirm the Booking.

ii) In the event of the Contract not being signed and returned, together with the required Non Refundable Deposit, within the specified period mentioned in the Contract, The Decorium reserves the right to release the Provisional Booking from the Calendar, without notification to the Client.


i) A Confirmed Booking will be based on receipt of the signed Contract, together with the required Non-Refundable Deposit (cleared funds).

ii) Under no circumstances will the Non-Refundable Deposit be returned to the Client once the Booking has been confirmed.


i) The Decorium accept the following methods of payment:- a) Cheque or Giro (with the exception of the Non Refundable Deposit, as mentioned in Clause 1 (ii) herein). Bankers Draft made payable to: Futura Leisure Limited, T/a The Decorium. b) Telegraphic Transfer or BACS Payment (please refer to the Contract for Bank Details).

ii) All payments due to The Decorium by the Client must be received 30 days prior to the date of the Function. It is not the normal procedure for The Decorium to provide the Client with a receipt of payment, unless the Client request's. In the event of any due payment not being received within the specified time mentioned on the Contract, The Decorium reserves the right to cancel the Booking, whereupon clause 21 herein will apply.

iii) The Decorium does not accept any form of cash payment from the Client. The only exception to this rule is in the event of any additional items or extra timing being required on the date of the Function, in which case a payment may be made in the form of cash direct to the Duty Manager, whereupon a receipt will be issued on behalf of The Decorium.

iv) Any payment received from the Client that is dishonoured by their bank, will incur a charge of £30 per occurrence, which will be due and payable by the Client.


i) On receipt of the full payment from the Client to The Decorium as per the Contract (or any Amended Contract or additional items requested after signing of the Contract), the Client is entitled to the use of the Banqueting Suite(s) as specified in the Contract (or Amended Contract), subject to the following conditions:- a) Emperor Suite – Included with this Suite is the use of the built-in Stage, the Foyer (refer to "Bar Area Facilities in Foyer Area" Clause 4 (f) herein for details), The Gallery, the Cleopatra Suite, the Anthony Suite and the Kitchen/Preparation Area ( refer to clause 6 herein for details). b) Caesar Suite – Included with this Suite is the use of the Foyer (refer to "Bar Area and Facilities in Foyer Area "Clause 4(f) herein for details) the Ante Room and the Kitchen/Preparation Area ( refer to clause 6 herein for details). c) Emperor & Caesar Suite ( when booked together) Included with these Suite's is the use of the Foyer (refer to " Bar Area and Facilities in Foyer Area " Clause 4(f) herein for details) , The Gallery , the Ante Room, the Cleopatra Suite, the Anthony Suite and the Kitchen/ Preparation Area ( refer to clause 6 herein for details). d) Cleopatra and Anthony Suites – These Suites are available to the Client and are included in the Room Hire Charges when The Emperor Suite is booked or when the Emperor Suite and Caesar Suite are booked together. e) Foyer, The Gallery and Ante Room – No Function is permitted to take place in these areas when the Emperor and/or Caesar Suite is in use, as these are the Fire Routes for the Emperor and Caesar Suites. This also excludes the placing of tables, chairs, and service of food Or any other items which may obstruct the fire exits doors/routes. f) Bar Area and Facilities in Foyer Area

i) Included in Room Hire Charges are the use of the bar counter, glasses, freestanding fridges , freezer.

ii) Excluded in Room Hire Charges is the use of the Chillier Room, the Bar Pumps/Beer Lines or the Optics.

iii) For sale of Alcohol refer to Clause 9 (ii) herein for further details. g) Kitchen/Preparation Area – Refer to Clause 6 h) Cloakroom Facilities – Cloak racks with hangers are located in the Foyer and these are included in the Room Hire Charges. Cloakroom attendants are not provided by The Decorium. i) Ladies & Gents Toilet Facilities – It is the Client's responsibility to notify the Duty Manager if any stock needs to be replenished or if any maintenance is required during the Function.


i) The Decorium will position the Tables as per the pre- agreed Room Layout ( confirmed by the Client on Appendix A) and hand over the Room to the Client/Third party acting on behalf of the Client at the agreed time ( as confirmed on Appendix A by the Client), whereby the Client/Third party acting on behalf of the Client will be requested to sign as proof of handover. After the handover of the Room Layout, the Client/ Third party acting on behalf of the Client wish's to change the Room Layout at any time, The Decorium will accept no responsibility for any subsequent loss or damage arising from such action.

ii) The Decorium will not permit the Chupa Platform (Jewish wedding canopy), or the chairs and tables supplied by The Decorium to be placed in the Car Park. Tables are not to be placed on the built-in Stage, with the exception of the Top Table and the Mandap (Hindu wedding canopy). Tables and chairs are not to be placed on the Dance Floor.


iv) On handover of the Room by The Decorium to the Client the chairs will be stacked by The Decorium beside each table, quantity as per the agreed Room Layout. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the chairs are positioned around the tables.

v) It is the responsibility of the Client to employ qualified staff for the following:- a) Laying the table cloths; b) Placing on the tables all crockery, cutlery, glasses, etc. which may be required for the Function. c) Placing the chairs around the tables. d) To supply , prepare, cook and service of food and beverages e) Manage all aspects of the Function vi) The Decorium reserves the right to place on each table a plaque containing the following words: "Catering Policy: Please note that the catering and beverages served for this function have been organised by your host. The Decorium have no involvement with the preparation, cooking or service of the food. We hope you enjoy the Function."


Dear Clients

As valued Clients, we wanted to update you on the steps The Decorium are taking to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.

We are continuing to follow and monitor the official guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England carefully. It is of vital importance for us to be in a position to make sure that all procedures are in place to support and protect the health and well-being of our Clients and staff members.

To help combat the spread of COVID-19, we have been putting precautionary safety measures in place, including:

  • Educating our staff on prevention
  • Emphasizing the need to frequently wash hands as per the guidelines
  • Cleaning high contact points more frequently with Disinfection

In line with government guidance, we are continuing to operate as usual.

We will keep in touch with you and follow official guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England carefully.

Thank you for your support and look forward to welcoming you to The Decorium.

Best wishes,

The Decorium Management

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