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Our Heritage

This unique building began its life in 1895 with an idea to provide a public swimming pool for the local community.

A competition was then run for the design of the building to both gather local support and ensure the highest standards of architectural excellence. The £50 first prize was ultimately awarded to Harold Burgess for his dramatic rendering of a construction containing a state of the art pool with additional areas for swimmers to meet and relax. Built by contractor W. E. Davey, the baths were officially opened on 10th August 1911. A much loved and valued community facility, the pool attracted swimmers from all over London for many years.

Once the building had ended its life as a swimming pool, a new chapter began. Extensive renovations in the 1990’s resulted in a sympathetic transformation to the neo-classically inspired building of today. The building’s history remains an essential part of The Decorium experience and continues to influence this majestic and striking venue, evoking memories of a stylish and elegant past. In fact, the former swimming pool can still be found below the Emperor Suite.

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